Hi, I’m Mark, 46 years old and currently living in the Sunshine State of Queensland.

We moved here in 2017 from Victoria, where I was born, after a 12-year career in the Royal Australian Air Force which I served as a Communicator. I also worked in contract roles and for a period of time with Defence.

I always wanted to be in the military as I’ve had a lifelong love for aviation and sense of service to my country. In my teenage years I undertook pilot training to learn how to become a glider pilot, ironically at RAAF Base Williams in Victoria, where years later I would be posted twice as a serving member. I’m also extremely proud that three generations of my family before me served in the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces and this had a great influence on me growing up.

The serious illness of an immediate family member meant that I had to make the difficult decision of ending my time in the military as location became my number one priority to support my family. Thankfully, he has since made a full recovery and our focus changed after the arrival of our only child in 2013. His birth has had a profound impact on how I viewed life, my own childhood, parenting and leadership.

Fast forward to 2017, we made the family decision to move to Queensland as the lifestyle and upbringing that we wanted for our child was more suited to the outdoors. In a twist of fate, my then workplace was doing a restructure and we capitalised on this opportunity to take a voluntary redundancy and press the reset button on life. A decision we are still so grateful for.

In my time in Queensland, I’ve worked in various of contract roles as a Project Manager, Change Manager, Delivery Lead, Quality Manager, IT Manager and as a permanent full time Business Systems Manager. Whilst proud of my accomplishments in my 12 years in the military, reaching the rank of Sergeant in only 9 years, the personal and professional challenges of the last 4 years have taught me more about myself, my transferrable skills, mindset and resilience than I’d faced since joining the full-time workforce in 1994.

I was blessed to assume a permanent full-time work following my last contract role in Darwin with the onset of the global pandemic and the uncertainty of closed borders and the availability of longer-term contract roles to support our family.

I have a flair for website design and development, especially with SharePoint and a passion for the creation and delivery of training programs, working on projects and business process analysis and improvement. I try to focus on everyday improving myself both professionally and personally, developing as a leader and mentor, with a paying it forward mindset. Success for me is being the best role model and example to our son and instilling in him a strong moral compass, positive mindset and strong work ethic.